Included in all Induction Programs

The three stages to our complaints process are –

Stage one

If you have a complaint in relation to the service you have received from AS TRAINING LTD  please

raise your concern by emailing explaining the problem as

clearly  and fully as possible, including any action taken so far. You can also contact

us on 01325 788141.We will reply to this within 7 working days

Stage two

If you are not satisfied with the response you receive to your complaint, you can take

the matter further by contacting Stephen Foster  Director of Operations  by email  explaining  why you are dissatisfied.


The Director of Operations will undertake a full review of the original complaint, the evidence collected by the person who investigated the matter on your behalf and their initial response. Consultation with all parties will take place to provide you with AS TRAININGS response and any further actions that may need to be taken.

Final stage

If you are still not satisfied with the response you receive from the Director of

Operations at AS TRAINING LTD you can take the matter further by writing to the

ILM Chief Executive, Stowe House, Netherstowe, Litchfield, WS13 6TJ.

Institute of Leadership & Management


Except in exceptional circumstances, we will try to ensure that your complaint

remains confidential, but in some cases the circumstances giving rise to the complaint

may make it impossible to maintain confidentiality. In these situations we will discuss

this with you first