Listening Skills Training

Duration: Half Day (Thursday 9.00am till 12.30pm) OR (Thursday 1.00 till 4.30pm)

Price: FREE with refreshments

Maximum 10 delegates

The ability to communicate effectively is essential in business. However, our ability to communicate well is seriously undermined if this is not underpinned by good listening skills.
The ability to listen effectively is so important that it is worthy of a training session in its own right.
This half day session provides participants with basic but effective techniques to ensure that they listen effectively on a consistent basis.

Absence Management Training

Duration: 1 day (9.00am – 4.00pm with refreshments)

Cost per Delegate: £55 (Exc. vat)

Intended for:

This absence management training WORKSHOP has been designed for anyone that deals with absence or needs to have an awareness of the absence management process.

This could include; Team leaders, supervisors, managers, HR professionals and anyone else involved in the management of people or organisations.

Discipline in the Workplace Training

Duration: 1 day (9.00am – 5.00pm with refreshments)

Cost per Delegate: £55 (Exc. vat)

Duration: 1 Day

Intended for:

The content of this training course is suitable for anyone that is required to deal with disciplinary procedures at work.

The training will break down the various elements of the processes from informal to formal right through to appeals and will provide clear guidelines on how to approach the difficult subject of discipline in the workplace.


Effective Communication Training

Duration: 1 day (9.00am – 4.00pm with refreshments)

Cost per Delegate: £55 (Exc. vat)

Intended for:

Effective communication skills are the cornerstone to success in the business world today. Every job, no matter what it is, requires excellent communication capabilities. If you want to progress in your role, you need to be able to both express yourself clearly and be able to listen and understand the needs, wants and intentions of others when they communicate.

Facilitation Skills Training

Duration: 1 day (9.00am till 5.00pm)

Cost: £65 per Delegate

Intended for:
This Facilitation Skills training course is designed for anyone who is involved in facilitating groups whether as part of a formal meeting, a training course or general facilitation of groups of individuals in the workplace.

The facilitation skills training will equip participants with knowledge and skills to enable them to identify effective facilitation, where intervention is required, what tools to use and when to use them.


How to be a Mentor Training

Duration: 1 day (9.00am to 4.00pm refreshments provided)

Cost per Delegate: £65 (excluding vat)

Intended for:

This Mentor Training course has been designed to provide advice, support and guidance to anyone that may be taking on the role of mentor. Therefore, the mentor training course is aimed at anyone who has been asked to take up the role of mentor or may be asked as part of their working role.


Risk Assessment Training

Duration: 1 day (9.00am – 4.00pm with refreshments)

Cost per Delegate: £55 (Exc. vat)

Intended for:

This risk assessment training course sets out to look at how to identify hazards within the workplace, recognise the risk and implement a control measure.

Managers, Team leaders, Trainers, Health and Safety officers and anyone involved in health and safety training and/or procedures.

This risk assessment training course will give participants the necessary information and skills to enable them to carry out a thorough and effective accident investigation.

All workshops include a professional materials file  for each participant to take away with them

Contact us for detailed information of each workshop content